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For almost two decades, Axhoj Enterprises has been focused on crafting solutions for the low-income housing crisis.

In 2000, Designer Construction Corporation, now doing business as “Axhoj Enterprises”, was established as a North Carolina “S” corporation by Kris and Rhonda Axhoj.  In the beginning, we marketed a custom home line under “Kris Axhoj Homes” and concentrated on high-end unique products for almost twenty years.  In 2005, Kris began to work on affordable solutions for mass affordable housing; however, due to the Great Recession, his efforts were delayed.  From 2012 to 2014, the company pursued working with the Brazilian Government to aid in their affordable housing initiative (Minha Casa, Minha Vida – My House, My Life).  In 2014, we built our first prototype using steel construction.  In 2019, Axhoj Enterprises started a facility to produce our own components for housing. Currently, we are developing unique and efficient building systems that are being rolled out in the Charlotte area.  

Our technology and building processes have simplified the on-site construction of a home down to non-skilled labor.  This building system can be implemented over many vertical markets as a best practices building solution.  As the Sears Homes revolutionized the home construction market in 1908, selling over 70,000 home kits, this new building system will be a revolutionary solution for affordable housing.  

There is a massive need for affordable, healthy, sustainable housing and 


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Kris Axhoj


Kris grew up in the building industry as a fourth generation builder.  Kris earned a BS degree in Industrial Engineering from Clarkson University and entered corporate America working for the “Big Six” consulting companies in New York City.  For 15 years Kris was in IT and Strategic Services consulting but eventually began to follow his passion back into the building trade.  He started Designer Construction Corporation in 2000 and is knowledgeable in all sorts of different types of construction regarding materials and assembly.  In the year 2005, Kris officially began his quest for the best practices affordable home and has used and experimented with just about every building system that is approved in the United States (ICC approved).  Now Kris’ passion is a proprietary affordable building system and assembly to ease the affordable housing situation in the United States and possibly globally. 

Rhonda Axhoj


Peter Axhoj

Tucker Axhoj

Josh Axhoj

Staff team

Skilled Management and Construction Team:

We have on board some of the best minds in the construction industry.  We have the ability to be flexible and agile to make projects work and implement great solutions for our customers quickly.  We will continue to grow while maintaining a corporate culture of inclusion and personal development.  Our team is an integral part of our processes and actively searches for continuous improvements. 

Design &
Engineering Teams:

We can help with designs and engineering for any project. Our team is agile and can turn projects around quickly to meet most deadlines.  These professionals are expert with steel construction and can implement solutions on our machines very quickly. 


Our team possesses the knowledge and passion for the best building solutions. We have the practical experience to carry this business into a successful future from our enterprise experience including:

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years of business ownership and management

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years of engineering and design

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years in construction and construction related fields

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years in accounting

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years in strategic services