• Design and Engineer wall, floor, and ceiling systems that can be stand-alone or embedded into other structures 
  • We can embed “K” bracing in any of our systems to ensure that our panels are completely square right off our machines. 
  • Squaring Table for wall systems make sure they are completely square before shipping.
  • Produce Wall panels for the entire modular units and can produce any volume for a “Just-in-time” assembler. 
  • All of our wall systems can have the headers and grommets installed for an easy quick connect system.  We can even put the exterior and/or interior sheathing on the wall system if wanted.
  • Metal Base system for your flooring and shower systems already waterproofed and ready to install in any pod system.


  • State-of-the-art CNC machine and process to design and cut any panel system.
  • Cut and label sheathing. 
  • Design and produce turn-key shelving either assembled or flat-packed for easy assembly in the site – everything is labeled and goes together easily. 
  • Produce bonus features like “Drop Zones” or custom moldings panels, and others, your imagination is the limit.


We supply companies in the Charlotte, NC area with flat-packed and assembled shelving solutions.  Our Shelving solutions are precisely designed and cut for easy on-site assembly.

 The assembly can then be painted on site to match the custom colors of the home – or –  we can paint the components in our paint shop before shipping.

 The assemblies are bundled together for easy organization with the drawings and instructions.

We are tweaking our cabinet line/processes now and starting to take orders.  We can easily design and supply very affordable built-ins, drop zones, laundry rooms and other affordable home cabinet options.  All components are produced in our factory so we control and adhere to a very quick and client-focused turn-around time.  We can design any cabinet configuration on our software and it can go directly to our CNC machining operation.  

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